Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Basketball letter-of-intent signing day tomorrow

The second period for basketball recruits to sign letters-of-intent begins tomorrow April 15 and runs through May 20. A number of commits throughout the WAC are already known but certainly not all of them.

One known: 6-4 Chris Jones will be signing an official LOI with San Jose State. A 'big" is a another possibility -- more on that later.

Utah State seems to be deciding on a wing-type player. Nevada has two schollies available but it's unknown if each will be used. New Mexico State wants a big, a forward and a backcourter and Boise State is looking to land another big. Fresno State seems to looking for a big to go along with a point. Hawaii has two new freed-up scholarships to offer and they will be filled. Idaho has at least one opening. We're not sure what LA TECH is up to recruiting-wise but there seems to be an opening or two.

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