Sunday, May 17, 2009

The adults and the juveniles

We found the following exchange fascinating.
Bob Kravitz
Indianapolis Star
May 15, 2009

Anonymity of blogosphere is turning us into a culture of weenies

World of Twitter and blogs turns us into weenie culture

We are becoming a culture of weenies.

Actually, we've been a culture of weenies for quite some time, but the point was driven home again the other day when Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks' otherwise fabulous owner, used his blog to apologize to Kenyon Martin's mother.

He didn't do it face to face.

He didn't even pick up the telephone and talk directly to Kenyon's mother.

He wrote it in his blog...
Go here for the remainder.

But don't miss this key line:
"...Everybody is big and brave behind a pseudonym, but confront them face to face, and next thing you know they're changing underwear..."

Then there was this response:
Bob Kravitz hearts Stampede Blue, calls me and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban "weenies"
Stampedeblue_tiny by BigBlueShoe on May 15, 2009

For three years, I've called Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz all kinds of names. I've called him a "turd", "ass", "idiot", "stupid", "uninformed", "snarling", "crotchety", "dimwitted", and "incompetent." I think it is fairly safe to say that we, as a community on Stampede Blue, do not like the work Bob has produced for the Indianapolis Star. We haven't been absolute in our dislike of ole Bob. When he has written good articles, we have taken note. But, in general, Bob seems to create disgust and annoyance from his readers with his pieces rather than interesting ideas that provoke discussion.

Indeed, other blogs have joined us in our dislike of "Krabby," as he is playfully called by his on-air radio partner Eddie White at 1070, The Fan. For the last three years, blogs like 18to88, Stampede Blue, and others have made it a point to insult, bash, and berate Krabby's work in the juvenille way that best fits us losers who sit in our underwear and write from inside mom's basement.

Well, today the journalistic stalwart that is Bob Kravitz decided he wasn't going to take it anymore. He decided he was tired of the insults and the constant suggestions that he is nothing more than and overpaid hack in desperate need of facial hair grooming. Today, my dear readers, Bob Kravitz fought back at us dirty, immature bloggers by doing what any professional, ethical journalist would do:

He called us "weenies."
Go here for the remainder.

The response -- which has some valid points -- loses its effect with the screed that opens the reply. It simply confirms what Bob Kravitz is writing about. What's the benefit to namecalling? (of which Kravitz is also guilty with his use of the term weenies).

As for anonymous bloggers and posters, what about typing that so-and-so is incompetent, leaving the name-calling at that and then detailing why the 'label' is an accurate one? Why go as is self-described "over the line"? What purpose does that serve? Why not simply state an opinion (sans the childish namecalling) and then back that claim up with facts? What about apologizing for such and vowing not to do so again?

We've seen this far too often locally. We've been in on-line situations where someone -- anonymously -- went ballistic over a matter , complete with name-calling and vile accusations, but then also refused an opportunity to meet in purpose to discuss the situation. The refusals were usually 'covered' with 'I'm too busy' or 'I can't make it at that time' with no offer of setting a different time or, more often, no response whatsoever. Such individuals sure have to time to rip others but not to stand and deliver when given a face-to-face opportunity. Thankfully, those situations are diminishing as the adults who understand and accept their responsibilities are more and more in charge of the San Jose State fan sports sites.

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