Friday, August 14, 2009

Ricky Berry remembered

We still remember this very sad day. But we also recall the many great moments Ricky Berry gave us.
Puzzlement, grief remain
Joe Davidson
Sacramento Bee
August 14, 2009

Some days there are reminders that bring it back. Ricky Berry, in clear focus.

The warmth. The skills. The potential. And, of course, the sudden end. A man with an impulsive thought and a gun.

The Ricky Berry suicide was a tragedy that still resonates all these years later.

"Every time I do a basketball camp, I think of him," said Harold Pressley, who lost his Kings teammate and close friend 20 years ago today.

"This camp now? Ricky would have loved all these smiles. I still feel him today, and I still can't understand why he's not here."

Jeff Logan can't shake it, either. He was Berry's closest friend. Berry was the godfather of Logan's daughter.

"Time," Logan said from Los Angeles this week, "gives you perspective."
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Anonymous said...

Ricky Berry is the best! May your heart be filled with praise and comforted with love. Pam and to the whole family our prayers are still with you. Love the Oliver/Miller family.