Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A feature on Adrian Oliver

What Spartans ask, get from Oliver: more
Vittorio Tafur
San Francisco Chronicle
February 17, 2010

Adrian Oliver dribbles as the shot clock winds down Saturday night, one defender on him and one lurking nearby. He looks for options, but there aren't any - it's hard to imagine any of his San Jose State teammates got a mention in Utah State's scouting report.

He beats his man, elevates quickly over the other defender and puts up a soft shot that rims out, just as the collision of bodies inside sends him sprawling hard to the floor. He lingers for a minute, picks himself up and heads to the free-throw line.

It is a love pat considering what Oliver's getting on the other end of the court. San Jose State is so small that the 6-foot-4 guard has to defend 6-7 power forward Tai Wesley, whose main offensive move is slamming his shoulder into Oliver.

"I have never minded the rough stuff," Oliver said. "It's fun to me to get pushed and then push back..."
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