Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Wil Carter (again)

6-foot-8 Wil Carter is going to be a frontcourter the likes of possibly never before seen by San Jose State hoops fans. That because he is of the basketball species -- minus the Latin -- forward with shooting prowess extending into three-point range.

A transfer from Coach Norm Parrish's very successful Salt Lake City College (SLCC) program, Carter first played at SLCC in 2006-2007. He then headed to Brazil for his two-year LDS mission. Note: any fans wishing to practice their Portuguese will have a willing and able partner in Carter.

He returned to Salt Lake City this past summer. In the 2009-2010 season in which the Bruins went 24-8, Carter averaged 12.2 points per game and 7.0 rebounds a contest while playing 23 minutes a game. He shot 49% overall, 75% at the foul line.

Carter was the leading rebounder for SLCC in 16 games and was especially effective on the offensive boards as he nabbed 92 off his 225 rebounds at that end.

Late in the season against Snow College, he put up a double-double of 18 points and 15 boards. Versus Colorado Northwestern, Carter totaled a 14 points/15 boards double-double.

In an earlier interview, Coach Parrish said this of his star: "Wil has a really high ceiling. He has the ability to hit the 15-to-18-foot shot and is also a good rebounder who is fairly long and can run and jump."

He added that Carter is a four, a power forward with the possibilities of playing some at the three spot. "But he could put 20 more pounds [Carter currently weighs 210] on his frame and still be effective."
In talking with Spartanhoops recently, Carter replied when asked about his best basketball skills with, "My jumpshot and ability to run the floor. My shooting range is from the three-point line in and my mid range jumper is really effective." He sees himself playing the four spot.

So why did he choose San Jose State? The answer: multiple reasons. "I really like the coaching staff, they seem like really good people," Carter explained. "I also just love San Jose, the feel of the city and the environment."

Carter is familiar with Utah State's Brady Jardine. The latter played for Twin Falls High (Idaho) and the pair were on the same team a couple of times during spring and summer play. This pairing will be an interesting matchup come Western Athletic Conference play.
Carter is looking to major in communications, with a business minor. More importantly, he is getting married on July 7 and he and his wife will arrive in San Jose around the end of July or early August.

As for his best moments on the court, Carter offered a couple. Playing for Highland High in Pocatello (Idaho) against a rival squad, "I was running the break, got the ball, went up and dunked over three guys." His other highlight: "As a freshman for Salt Lake City College, I hit a game-winning three against Snow College."

But it was almost another sport for Carter and his dreams. "I played baseball for a long time and was thinking I would eventually be a college baseball player. But right before my freshman year [in high school], I broke one of my arms and then I also broke the other."

That obviously limited his participation in any sport and by the time his junior year rolled around, it was basketball and a new direction for him.

He acknowledges his biggest basketball influences as "my Dad, my fiancée, Bill Green and his sons Tony and Joe Green and Coach Parrish." Carter's fiancée aided him in his decision to sign with San Jose State and provided support last season at SLCC, Bill Green is the assistant coach of Carter's high school team in Pocatello and he and his sons worked very hard with Carter. As for Norm Parrish, Carter recalled "he looked me in the eye on my recruiting visit and said 'you can make your dreams happen if you come here [SLCC].'" Carter lauds Parrish with this compliment: "He taught me how to be a college basketball player."

Now, Carter is continuing the dream in San Jose.

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