Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aalim Moor on his freshman year at SJSU

Aalim Moor III will soon be entering his second year at San Jose State. SpartanHoops recently caught up with him and posed a few questions on his college experience to date at San Jose State University. He went from four years at St. Mary's High School (Berkeley) into the Washington Square collegiate environment.

This summer, Aalim's been working out with renowned basketball skills trainer Jeremy Russotti, SJSU assistant strength and conditioning coach Ben Cobian (more on this further down) while also working each of the various Spartan men's basketball summer camps, plus all the Golden State Warrior kid camps held throughout the Bay Area.

His vow is to be 'ready' for Spartan basketball 2.0 come the beginning of October's practices.

SH: After completing your freshman year, what do you see as the differences to date in the level of academics between high school and college?

AM: The differences in academics between high school and college is the workload! In high school, teachers seemed to care more (well at St. Marys) while in college it's all on your shoulders as a student. Also, the college structure of classrooms differ. There are no attendance checks in college, so if you don't go to class, the professor, most of the time, will not notice because there can be 70 or 80 students she/he has to worry about.

SH: With no parents asking 'have you done your homework?' plus practices, games and road trips, how did you manage your coursework load?

AM: I think that the management of my workload was the hardest thing to adjust to. I think growing up, we depend on and at times take for granted the importance our parents have on keeping us focused. I learned the hard way the first semester, by having to stay up late at nights and cramming for tests. Having had those experiences, I think now I'll be able to handle the road trips and workload with greater focus.

SH: Since you have completed your first year -- what was your favorite class so far and why?

AM: My favorite class was African American Studies because it taught me about my heritage and where my ancestors came from. Also the professors, Dr. Millner and Dr. Wilson, were very personable and I feel I learned the most from that class.

SH: What will you be majoring in and why did you decide on that?

AM: I'll be majoring in Communication and minoring in Business. I chose this because I feel that will set me up for my life after basketball.

SH: What was it like to enter a new social setting where you were surrounded by other young adults yet you knew next to no one? Are there any initial social activities planned by SJSU in order for new students to meet and get to know some of all these fellow students?

AM: Yes. The first week we moved in there were activities planned every day for a week encouraging us to get to know our school and fellow school mates. It was really fun and I feel like I made a lot of really good friends out of that experience.

SH: If there is such a thing as a typical workout day for you during this summer, can you describe it in detail so that the Rebounders can better understand what you have done to prepare yourself for your sophomore basketball season?

AM: Well for me, a typical work out week goes like this:

Monday: I work with my skills trainer Jeremy Russotti on my overall game -- ball handling, shooting, skill moves and quickness and awareness. Later that day, I go home and run the hill near my house on Golf Links Road and lift free weights I have in my room.

Tuesday: I am in the weight room with Coach Ben Cobian training my body to get stronger and better prepared for the season. Later that day, I go to the YUH and work on the drills I did Monday just to refine my skills.

(to offer some perspective, Aalim travels from Oakland to Santa Rosa to work with Russotti and then to San Jose to work with Cobian, then repeats the cycle)

Wednesday: same as Monday.

Thursday: same as Tuesday.

Friday: same as Monday and Wednesday.

Clearly, he does not subscribe to Robert M. Hutchins' school of thought: "Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes."

Many thanks to Aalim for the interview. We have no idea if he was ever a Boy Scout but he's certainly going to be prepared.

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