Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Five minutes with Chris Jones

Continuing with our series, SpartanHoops is checking in with members of the San Jose State basketball team. Today, we visit with Chris Jones, a 6-foot-4 sophomore out of Newark Memorial High, just up I-880.

SH - What was your daily work out schedule like this summer?

CJ - During the summer, my day started with an early morning workout at 24 Hour Fitness. I would spend about an hour and a half working on shooting and dribbling. I would then take a lunch break and eat a good meal. That would be followed by an afternoon session of skill work. I would usually work on weights at night.

I also played in the San Francisco Pro Am this year and on the days we played I usually had an early morning light work out.

SH - Was there a specific trainer you worked out with this summer? If so, why did you choose him and what did you focus on?

CJ - I actually worked with more than one trainer over the summer.

Gus Armstead - I have been working out with him since my junior year in high school. I spent a week working on skill development and game development in controlled scrimmages with pros. I really enjoyed his workouts because the players pushed one another to et better. Coach Nessman wanted me to work on catch-and-shooting and on using my penetration to the basket. I used the scrimmages to develop that part of my game.

Phil Handy - I usually worked two to three times a day with Phil. The sessions focused on skills. We did a lot of station work combining dribbling and shooting. We had to work at game speed so it was good for conditioning too. Each session ended with a controlled scrimmage.

Willie Clark - Coach Clark spent individual time with me at least twice a week. He corrected my shot mechanics. We concentrated on shooting and dribbling

Mark McKelvy - Coach Mark knows my game very well because he was my AAU coach. He worked a lot on my off-the-dribble game.

SH - Although you are just entering your sophomore year, have you chosen a major as yet? If so, why did you chose it?

CJ - I am considering majoring in either Radio, Television & Video or African American Studies. I am taking classes this semester in each area and will probably decide after this semester.

SH - Any favorite class or instructor from your freshman year and why?

CJ - My Eco class was my favorite. The class helped me to better understand college life and how to set goals and make the most of my time here.

SH - What is the difference -- if any -- in high school academics versus college academics?

CJ - The academic support that I got from study hall, tutors and my coaches was very helpful. In high school , your day is full from the first period to the last. In college, you may have two classes one day, one the next, a day off and then two more classes. Our coaches really made sure that I was not taking time off. The time between classes and study hall helps to stay on top of my classes.

SH - You came into a brand new social setting at SJSU where you knew nobody except for some of the other guys on the basketball team. What does San Jose State do -- if anything -- for freshman in order to get them acquainted with other students and newcomers to the school?

CJ - The school had a freshmen orientation, social events and other activities that helped us to meet new people.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I am expecting our team to have a big year.

We thank Chris for the interview.

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