Friday, February 18, 2011

Spartans win 62-46 over Weber State

When you're bleeding, the doctor will sometimes have to cauterize the wound in order to staunch the flow. Weber State Coach must have left his medical instruments elsewhere Friday night because he had no answer for Spartan junior frontcourter Wil Carter whose inside play instead kept Carter-izing and Carter-izing the Wildcats unimpeded all night.

The 6-foot-8 Carter's play, as well as that of others, prompted a 62-46 San Jose State victory.

Weber State came into the contest riding a six-game winning streak but poor shooting all night and more turnovers than usual produced a brick wall with a sign bearing the word Loss. The Wildcats looked out of synch from the beginning.

Keith Shamburger, boosted by five treys, led SJSU with 22 points. Carter posted a double-double of 16 points and 14 rebounds while Justin Graham finished with 14 points. Adrian Oliver, burdened by foul trouble, played just 20 minutes and had nine points.

It was Graham who began with a bang, opening the scoring with a trey and then a deuce. SJSU led 23-14 with 6:10 remaining. Eventually, it was 27-14.

At the half, San Jose State was up 30-22 but came out in the second period with a scoring run to put the game away.

After that initial 20 minutes, Weber was at 32% shooting (missing their first six attempts) while the Spartans were at 42%. Graham had 12 points and Carter was credited with nine boards halfway through.

We have no idea if Weber State ever had recruiting interest in Carter but he certainly caught their attention tonight but usually after a score or a rebound.

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