Monday, March 7, 2011

A treat from Darren Coelho

Darren Coelho has gone into the proverbial phone booth and returned as Wendell Berry in his annual ode to Spartan basketball and the WAC tournament:


So the Tournament is here
This WAC-ky time of year
When our hoop teams meet
For a March Roundball treat

We’re here in Vegas
No one had to beg us
Hoops is the game
Tippin’ it for fame

No win and we’re out
We won’t leave any doubt
Survive and advance
& We’re in the Big Dance

Play our best now
It doesn’t matter how
Zone or Man-to-Man
Just do all that we can

Sammy is here with cheer
& our great fans are near
We’re all going to pray
To play another day

Against Ags or Dogs
Assist men or hogs
Or the other Dogs and Ags
Showing Tight-D and sags

The Spartans are here
It’s OUR time of year
Blue and Gold in their seat
Over hardwood 94 feet

It’s now a whole new season
To keep playing is the reason
Use the square if we dare
Just board it if not there

Will it be Broncos or Pack?
With their full-court attack
How about Warriors or Vandals?
Minus bad call scandals

It comes down to this
Shots to swish and to kiss
Lay-ups, dunks, or threes
Just one more game please!

Let’s Go Gold and Blue!
It’s now up to You
We’re all here to cheer
This WAC-ky time of year.

Darren Coelho
Assistant Athletic Director, Ticket Operations
San Jose State University
Adapted February 28, 2011, from Original Version March 9, 2009

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