Saturday, October 24, 2009

A description of the new Spartans

We recently 'talked' with Coach Nessman about the Spartan newcomers. Here is what he had to say:

: The Spartans boast a handful of new players. Can you provide a brief synopsis of each?

Coach Nessman: Our newcomers:

Moses Omolade: Mo is long and athletic. He is an active, agile player who can rebound and block shots. He runs very well. Mo has a great positive spirit and brings a New York mind set to the floor. (Hint: New York basketballers like to tell you how they are doing while they play!)

Chris Jones: Chris is a versatile player that can contribute in a variety of ways. He has really impressed our staff with his intensity and competitive fire. Chris has a great chance to really help our team this year. He can really defend, handle the ball, slash and score. He has a strong grasp of being on a team.

Aalim Moor: Aalim is an athletic lead guard. He has the tools to be a good one. He can handle the ball and push the break. He also is personable, positive and an excellent student. Aalim is truly representative of exactly the type of young person we want in our program.

Joe Henson: Joe has size - he is big and will get bigger with strength training and the normal growth of people his age. Joe can rebound, run and block shots. Joe has the potential to be an impact player down the road. He is a pleasant, easy going young person.

Anthony Dixon: Ant has energy! He competes very hard and just gets after it. He has a great set of tools - he is athletic, long and can score/shoot. Before its over, Anthony will make a big mark here. Anthony is a joy to work with given his great passion for the game and upbeat personality.

Jerry Casey: Jerry is a walk-on player who made our squad. Jerry can play and he has reasonable size at about 6'7. Once Jerry gains strength he will be fine. Jerry is also another unique young person with a real team focus.

All of our new players are quite proud to be Spartans. Each and every one had numerous other school options. We are glad they are with us and expect them to contribute now and in the future to the success of Spartan Basketball.

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