Monday, October 26, 2009

Rebounder barbeque and SJSU team scrimmage report

First off, the Rebounders have their priorities right -- the players enjoyed steaks at Sunday's barbeque while the fans munched on hamburgers. This is doin' it right.

So what did we witness during the action on Walt McPherson Court? Make that, the new Walt McPherson Court -- it was purchased after being used for an NCAA regional and it looks very sharp! It's also moveable so that will certainly come in handy.

What we liked: C.J. Webster showed a nice touch with a jumper from around the elbow -- we saw this a couple of times last season and hopefully it will appear more this season ... Moses Omolade offered a pair of quick-jumping dunks, plus Chris Oakes seemed determined to also stuff his defender through the basket on his dunks ... Adrian Oliver was netting it on most of his outside jumpers as was Robert Owens ... Mac Peterson was dribble-driving and penetrating more than we've witnessed before ... Aalim Moor displayed his ballhandling prowess and athletic ability with some strong finishes at the hoop ... It was Chris Jones for the defense, as usual ... Oh yeah, there was this one apparent newcomer -- the handout said he was from Ripon and in his junior year -- oh, that was Justin Graham, proving he is back and healthy with no Samson-like leffect to his talent. JG also hit the game winning shot in the second scrimmage on a seven-foot floater after a left-handed power dribble drive.

What was also nice was having players who had family in attendance introducing their family members.

Coach Nessman also filled in the assembled about other 'environmental' changes that will be forthcoming. The usual home bench for SJSU will now be where opponents will sit in a reverse of team seating areas and the Spartan band and students will be situated close to the opponents. A curtain will be hung over the north section of seats, the ones that are 30 or so feet away from the court, with fans 'encouraged' to sit in one of the two long sides of the court. The south end will be converted into a meeting area for the Rebounders and others to get together.

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