Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here's the initial entry in Khufu Najee's journal

Khufu Najee is a 6-foot-3 freshman at Diablo Valley College who recently gave a verbal commitment to San Jose State. Khufu has agreed to keep a journal this year and have it posted at Spartan Hoops. The following is his first entry:

"Monday night, just finished up some homework, chillen. Went home to Berkeley this weekend to spend time with the family, watched tv, played 2k, had a home cooked meal, all that good stuff.

Practice went alright today, had foot aches from breaking into these new shoes. Didn't touch a ball all weekend so I was kind of off, but it was worth the rest, my body was tired before the weekend.

Signing my letter of intent to SJSU on the 10th, can't wait for all of my friends and family to come to that, they'll be a good time, it's what everyone looks forward to, I just thank God I was blessed with the experience.

It's still just starting too. Season officially starts on the 19th, we open with Foothill, I dont know too much about but them but coach says it should be a game.

Really looking forward to the season, but within these four weeks until it starts, I'm going to stay positive in the classroom, the court and the weight room. Everyday out here it's a battle. There's alot going on every day, and it never stops, but that's life, I was brought up rolling with the punches, so I'm just living life."

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