Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What we witnessed in Sunday's scrimmage

Here are some thoughts from San Jose State's Sunday afternoon's intra-squad scrimmage. This is what we liked (not counting what we certainly missed or overlooked):

* Andy (you had to be there to appreciate this entry)

* no easy baskets were allowed

* physical play -- bodies were ALWAYS banged when approaching the hoop

* Wil Carter outletting a long pass to Justin Graham, leading to a JG dunk

* Speaking of JG, try four three-pointers (from the right side twice, left side and left again from about 24 feet -- wrist? what wrist?

* Carter blocking a shot inside, turning and running the floor and then nailing a layup off a pass from freshman Keith Shamburger

* The ballhandling of Brylle Kamen -- at 6-foot-7, he looked comfortable bringing the ball up and in making his way to the hoop

* Keith Shamburger and his (at least) two treys (left side, top of the key)

* Carter and his pair of three-pointers (there probably were ones we missed here, too)

* Chris Jones going all whirling dervish -- he is going to annoy the heck out of opponents getting his hands on attempted outlet passes, offensive boards, etc.

* Opponents are going to have to work especially hard to counter newcomer Wil Carter's face-the-basket distance shooting plus his slithery maneuverability inside

* Calvin Douglas is serious about his defensive play

* Brylle Kamen kept going to and getting to the hoop but needs to finish the task once there

* 6-foot-9 newcomer Matt Ballard also showed some nice mid-range shooting ability with a couple of pops facing the hoop

It was a much needed fix on Sunday. Thank you to the players, the coaches and the Rebounders for making it happen.

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