Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An interview with Lily Pham

We have a special treat for you today -- an interview with Lily Pham, a team manager on the Spartan men's basketball team.

Here's some background: I was born and raised here in San Jose. I graduated from Silver Creek High School in 2003, ran track all four years and was the team manager for the football, wrestling, track and cross country teams. I was also Head of the Athletics Commission during my junior and senior year of high school.
I'll be graduating from SJSU with Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Sports Management this December 2008. This is my second year as a team manager for the SJSU Men's Basketball team.

Q - Why did you choose SJSU for college?

LP - I was accepted into Chico State, Fresno State, SJSU, and a few other schools in California. SJSU was one of the few schools that had a sports management program.

Q -
What's behind your choice of majors?

LP - I have a Sports Medicine background (about 8 years of student internship work). However, I knew that it wasn't going to be a career for me. I always took on a dual role as athlete and team manager since I've participated in sports, so it was natural to pursue my degree in Sports Management.

Q -
What do you see yourself doing/where do you think you'll be in 8-10 years?

LP - Happily married and having a successful career in either athletic administration or working for a professional sports team.

Q -
Why did you decide to become a team manager for the men's basketball squad?

LP - I needed an internship to fulfill my emphasis requirements and found the job through a flier posted by Coach Marrion.

Q -
What are the primary duties of a team manager?

LP - There's actually a total of five team managers this year, with a possibility of a sixth. The task of a team manager is essentially being an assistant to the coaches. Our job duties range from filming practices, working the scoreboard, and whatever else the coaches need us to do. My role consists of all this plus office work and writing the managers schedule.

Q ­ - What's it like working for the Men's Basketball team?

LP - I have to look up at everyone because they're so tall! It's a lot of fun and I love working for the team. Sitting behind the coaches and players and being able to travel on road games is quite an experience that I will never forget. The camaraderie between the guys is something I've never quite seen before and I feel so lucky to be working with them.

Q - What is something very few people know about you?

LP - I actually used to hate basketball, but have grown to love and appreciate the sport.

Q ­ - Any closing words?

LP - I look forward to a very successful season!!!

(Lily) Hue Pham
Kinesiology Major w/emphasis in Sports Management
Business Minor
San Jose State University

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