Monday, November 24, 2008

Kevin Fleming checks in

Here's an 'update' note we received from Kevin Fleming

Just wanted to fill you in with a little of what I am doing these days. I recently returned from my first professional basketball job in South America. Go to ( ... for video).

I woke up one day in South America with a cultural slap to the face. Overseas basketball is not for the faint of heart. In my experience, I was able to learn a new and very different culture and was also able to learn a new language, which is at a conversational level only.

I am working on finding a new place for myself in my career as a "pro-baller," which at this point is more difficult than one could expect. I can only correlate this experience to an outside sales professional. Lots of cold-calls and face to face sales, of course I am selling myself and capabilities. I have had success, yet like our world economy, so goes the life of a rising star. Teams fold, payment is unmanageable by teams, and there are less jobs than there are possible employees.

I digress, I am hopeful of finding my niche and can only assume payment will be made as well as my output as an athlete. College was so wonderful. If only us youngsters could understand this and appreciate our time as student-athletes.

I am currently living in San Francisco and wish the weather was the same as beautiful San Jose (missing my apartment on 7th street across from campus). I currently am searching for a job that suits my drive as a competitor that will also pay me for my results... so far outside sales is my calling. I have interviewed at companies such as; ADP, Mass Mutual Financial, Paychex, Autonomy (British company equivalent to Microsoft), Advent Technology, LoopNet,etc...I am in the works for a possible career at Paychex and Autonomy and will find out next week if I get the jobs (let's keep our fingers crossed)!

I am still hopeful of a basketball career and believe that my best play has yet to come, however finding a "real job" is not out of the question.

I am dying for the Spartans to have a great year this year and KNOW that this will take place. I went to a few practices this year and truly believe that Coach Ness has those young men on the right path. I was bummed about the Nebraska game, yet know that the growth is coming and the schedule only fuels their (Spartans) success.

Updates for alumni to my knowledge are as follows:

* D.J. Brown is in Finland playing for a team called LrNMKY averaging 18.3 pts and 6.5 boards a game

* Marquin Chandler is still in the KBL (South Korean Basketball League) for KT&G averaging 24pts and 7 rebounds

* Lance Holloway is in Mexico in the difficult LNBP...I was recently notified that the team folded and he is now U.S. bound

* I averaged 27 pts, 12 rebounds and 6 assists (not bad). would have loved to produce that for SJSU!

I will continue to give you updates as time rolls along. Wish the Rebounders the best and hope the holidays are great.


Kevin Fleming

P.S. I really enjoy the new Blogspot.

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