Saturday, November 1, 2008

SJSU versus Sac State in scrimmage today

San Jose State goes up against Sacramento State today in a scrimmage on Walt McPherson Court. Per NCAA rules, it is closed to both the public and the media so we'll have no report.

Former longtime Delta Junior College coach Brian Katz is the new head man at Sac State which plays in the Big Sky Conference. Look for him to have the Hornets competitive in conference play but he'll need a couple of years of his own recruits in order to do so.

As for scrimmages versus exhibitions, here's Nevada's Mark Fox: "First of all you get to play a Division I team. The thing that we have always appreciated about a scrimmage is that you are playing against a little better competition than if you were to play an exhibition. Another good thing is that we can stop and coach a little more than if we were playing an exhibition. If we need to take a little longer timeout, we can do that. If we need a little more time to get a specific point across, we can do that. If we need a little more time to work on a certain situation, we can do that. We can create situations that we have to play against later, and you can’t do that in an exhibition. So, I think there are lots of benefits."

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