Sunday, January 18, 2009

More truthiness

Per Wikipedia, truthiness is a term first used in its current satirical sense by American television comedian Stephen Colbert in 2005, to describe things that a person claims to know intuitively or "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.

With such in mind, we usually support all environmental events and causes but not this one. Every so often a recycling occurs on another San Jose State sports board.

That is, a post gets put up by Truth-less or maybe it is the CruzanKid (where has he been lately? could it be because that moniker contains more letters and therefore is more troublesome to type because it takes more time?) or really, you-know-who. It is a pretty transparent effort except, we guess, to the poster.

Apparently the past has appeared again recently.

It pleads for one of the following coaches to accept the head coach position at San Jose State: Steve Lavin, Todd Bozeman, Bob Burton and Kyle Smith. Okay, let's give each a turn in the barrel:

ESPN's Steve Lavin was removed from the head coaching spot at UCLA a while back because his rep had become such that too many of the top Southland prospects were beginning to avoid Pauley Pavilion as a homecourt. His record in his last season: 10-19, the first losing season for the Bruins in 50 years. Repeat this mantra, 'if you can't win at UCLA...'

Morgan State Coach Todd Bozeman has an 8-8 record overall this season, 3-0 in the 'power-packed' Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and, oh yes, he can recruit. Just ask Jelani Gardner, whose parents 'earned' $30,000 from having their son play at Cal when Bozeman was in charge there. That resulted in the NCAA issuing an eight-year show-cause order preventing Bozeman from coaching in college. There's more on the personal resume but we'll leave it at that.

Cal State Fullerton Coach Bob Burton (formerly at West Valley College) currently sports an 8-10 overall record, 2-4 in The Big West despite possessing guard Josh Akognon who has an even money chance of being on an NBA roster next season. His roster also has eight junior college transfers. What is this wish, a Yogi Berra-ish deja vu all over again?

St. Mary's Assistant Coach Kyle Smith has it in his contract that he will be the next St. Mary's head coach should Randy Bennett move on and should Smith decide not to follow Bennett. Note to the uninformed: Smith isn't leaving Moraga.

So is this amateurish attempt to create division just sad or is disgusting a more appropriate description?

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