Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remember Kyle Wilson?

Remember Kyle Wilson? You have to go back five or so years as a Spartan basketball fan. He was a heralded transfer from Massachusetts but for some reason rarely saw playing time. He's now 24 and you won't believe the turn his life has taken.

Hoops star
finds lady luck online
Kyle Wilson contemplated minimum-wage-plus but opted
for computer poker. It was a lucrative decision
Randy Shore
February 29, 2008

Kyle Wilson's home office is gleaming
and empty aside from a personal computer and three computer monitors lined up
across his desk.

As we chat, he wins a $6,000 poker pot and then glances
over at the far right screen, where he is playing the first few hands of an
online tournament.

Wilson plays poker online about three or four hours a
day, usually on, the site he started out at four years ago.

"I had come home from playing basketball at San Jose State and I was
looking at taking a $10-an-hour job," Kyle recalled. "I was making more than
that playing poker for small stakes online, so I just stuck with it..."
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