Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Truthiness has been resurrected

We always find it curious when there is a Truth posting on the 'net. Apparently his latest deems the men's basketball team as gutless and the Spartan head coach as a idiot.

Of course, the namecaller resorts to anonymity because it's just waaaay too difficult to pick up a phone or drive to the SJSU campus to discuss whatever perceptions he possesses. It's well understood that phoning or driving to a destination to talk face-to-face are insurmountable barriers for most -- or at least to those needing to hide who they really are.

Isn't it time, no, make it past time, for this pathetic charade, this I'll-resort-to-anything to drum up interest, to cease operations? It's certainly so for those whose basis is reality.

In defense, the (im)poster also praises Adrian Oliver while simultaneously forgetting this is the same Adrian Oliver said (im)poster previously ripped -- guess it must be more difficult to keep track of one's lies than we think.

We also find it extremely curious that a certain post appeared one night and then was erased the next morning at a certain message board a while back. It, shall we say, was 'along the lines' of:

The Truth...

I have been watching what the truth has been posting on this board, and in retrospect, watching the articles written by the Rebounders.

There are some odd "similarities" between these two seperate ramblings, and also some other interesting discrepancies.

Thus, the Truth will no longer be posting here in the better interests of the fans who post here, and this SJSU fan site.




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