Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catching up with Matt Misko

here is Matt and his wife Jennifer in Maui last January

Matt Misko patrolled the middle for San Jose State basketball in the 2004-2006 seasons. Now, he is looking out for business opportunities. Showing his Spartan pride, Matt attended the recent intra-squad scrimmage. We did a Q-and-A with him:

SH - What are you up to now work-wise and away from work?

MM - I am a Commercial Banker within Comerica Bank's Equity Funds Group in Menlo Park. I started in April 2010 after serving a couple years as a Credit Analyst primarily in the San Jose Middle Market Group. My business responsibilities include sourcing and managing relationships with Equity Fund and Venture Capital firms, with a focus in loans. I’ve worked with Comerica Bank since January 2007 after graduating in the Fall of 2006. Away from work, my wife (Jennifer) and I like to spend time with friends and family, and will often take day trips around the Bay Area to sightsee. No big hobbies now, Jennifer is finishing up her Masters in Clinical Psychology at San Jose State and supporting her has been a big priority for me. I am looking forward to her graduating in May 2011. I do try to work in any time I can for pickup basketball games.

SH - What did you major in while at San Jose State and why did you choose it?

MM - Business Management. This was a broad degree that I thought would give me flexibility to pursue my choice of careers after school. Honestly, I never put much thought into my post-basketball ambitions while growing up in the Central Valley (Lindsay). I was around many accomplished people, but their careers revolved around agriculture, a field that is virtually non-existent in the Bay Area but something I eventually want to be involved in.

SH - Any goals you have set for the future?

MM - Goals have only been set for the short term since getting married prior to my senior year at SJSU. The last of the series is Jennifer graduating from the Clinical Psychology Masters Program which will occur this coming May! I’ll have to reassess after that.

SH - What is your best SJSU basketball memory or memories?

MM - Playing in my first game, I asked the Assistant Coach, Dennis Cutts, to relieve me after the first couple minutes of the game and he replied “Ahh, you’ll be alright.” Sure enough I caught my second wind and played well.

SH - Which, if any, former teammates do you stay in touch with?

MM - No regular contact with any, but do have most as a Facebook friend.

SH - While at SJSU, who was the most talented opponent you matched up with?

MM - Paul Millsap from Louisiana Tech. He was the top rebounder in the nation and had a knack for getting his hands on the ball. I remember having him boxed out behind the backboard in one game and he still came out with the rebound. He’s going on his 4th year with the Utah Jazz.

SH - What advice would you offer if you were talking with high school players in the midst of trying to get a college scholarship?

MM - If you have the talent, then don’t quit. It’s an accomplishment that you will always have to reflect on and there are several avenues to achieve it if you are willing to put in the work. I got in with a successful Junior College stop and coming in as a walk-on won’t necessarily preclude you from earning a scholarship either. Whatever the route, be prepared and determined to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. Also, don’t lose focus on the end goal, which should be a solid education and include strong classroom performance in preparation for a life after basketball.

SH - How is your brother David doing?

MM - He’s doing well. He is a police officer in Southern California and just got married in July. Our new ‘weird twin story’ is that our wives have the same names, Jennifer Lynne Misko. He’s helping out as an assistant coach for a varsity men’s basketball team at a local high school as well.

Thank you Matt, we appreciate you taking the time to update us.

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