Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diary entry #2 from Khufu Najee

(Khufu Najee is a 6-foot-3 wing and a freshman at Diablo Valley College. he is verbally committed to San Jose State)

It has been a long week, real productive though. Had a slight ankle sprain on Thursday which kept me out of practice for the rest of the day, but we had a three-day weekend so I had time for it to heal before practice this week.

Spent a lot of time in the trainer's office these past three days, got a lot of stim treatment and icing on my ankle which helped, so practicing on Monday will be no problem. That slight injury really got to me, even though I was only out a day, it's just too close to the season to take a day off.

Less than two weeks until our first game. Louis Lowe going to be my roommate during our season opener because we are going to be gone for about five days. I hope you all know who Lowe is, but if you don't believe me you will after this season, that kid can hoop.

On a more personal note, I sign my LOI [letter-of-intent] on Wednesday. That's exciting but that signing is just so that we can seal the deal and I can really go all in this year. But Saturday, the 13th, is the big signing and all my family and friends are going to be there -- you only get one of these.

I feel blessed. I'm living inside the moment and life is all too much fun right now.

Khufu Najee

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