Saturday, November 20, 2010

SJSU wins 75-72 over Oregon

To quack or be quacked? And we're not talking Aflac here.

That was the question facing San Jose State basketball on Saturday afternoon on McArthur Court in Eugene.

The answer? A 75-72 last second win over Oregon, the final scoring being a three-point-play acrobatic dribble-drive six-footer and free throw by Justin Graham on a possession that began at the 27.9 second mark and concluded with the ball sliding through the net and 2.8 seconds showing.

Adrian Oliver paced the Spartans with 19 points and freshman Keith Shamburger also totaled a big time 19.

San Jose State is now 3-0.

In the second half, SJSU took the lead back 49-48 on two Oliver free throws. His fadeaway jumper made it 51-48. A Keith Shamburger and1 three-point play opened the lead to 54-48. An AO trey and jumper sandwiched around a Chris Jones layup put the Spartans ahead 61-55 with 7:55 remaining.

But Oregon persevered and it was 63 apiece with 5:30 to go.

At the half, it was 39-34 in favor of the Ducks. In a Ripley's Believe It Or Not submission, Oliver was in the books with but two points at that point. But he also was on the court for just 11 minutes. In a clear cut case of momentum shifting, SJSU performed well for the initial 15 minutes -- leading 20-13 at the 11:03 mark -- but Oregon owned the last five.

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