Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's San Jose State 109-92

History tells us they were from different eras -- that being the Spartans and the Missionaries -- although the latter can be found in most, if not all, centuries.

But it was no match for the pairing this afternoon as San Jose State quickly put Whitman into a position of trailing, continued it all game long and ended up with a 109-92 victory.

Strong outside-shooting in the second half brought the point difference close but the outcome never remained in doubt.

Freshman Keith "ShamWow" Shamburger baptized the Missionaries with the opening seven points of the game. Hence, Spartan Hoops will unofficially nickname him Trey since he netted a passel of three-pointers. The southern California native finished with 30 points, after also leading the point total for San Jose State in the earlier scrimmage against Sacramento State..

Besides Shamburger's three times 10, Adrian Oliver finished with 24, Justin Graham 18, Wil Carter 16 and Calvin Douglas 14.

It was this starting five that opened the season for SJSU: Matt Ballard in the middle, Carter in the corner with Oliver, Graham and Shamburger handling the wing/backcourt spots.

At the half, the Spartans led 61-36. San Jose State shot 20-32 overall, 6-10 from long distance and 15-17 at the foul line. More importantly, the SJSU held Whitman to 35% overall shooting. But overall, based on the second 20 minutes especially, the Missionaries finished at 42% shooting, including a strong 18-35 on trey attempts.

A note: it was not a good week for Whitman-ites and we will unequivocally quash the rumor that Meg Whitman has offered to donate $140 million to the Walla Walla-based school if she is named president there.

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