Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun, fun, fun

Man was it fun at the Civic Auditorium Saturday afternoon. There was the anticipation throughout the crowd of finally seeing Adrian Oliver and boy did he ever deliver, especially in the framework of how long it has been since he actually has played in a game.

The best yell directed at the referees that we heard was on one of Adrian Oliver's drives to the hoop where, if memory serves us right, he was called for a charge. Someone behind us offered "you don't know how to ref with good players."

With Tim dialed in from outside and Justin and Adrian creating, Saturday was simply the most enjoyable game of the so far season. The ball movement was extraordinary at times, what with reversals especially to the left resulting in a number of layups and short shots in the first half.

Trying to guard TimP with a 6-footer backfired for Northern Colorado as it gave him far too many good looks at the basket.

One bit of caution though: we still want to see less TOs, especially those that aren't necessarily forced by the opponents.

Plus, we're hoping Oliver Caballero gets healthy as another big body would be helpful in the rotation of the bigs, especially come WAC play.

Oh yes, just what is Truth/CruzanKid/what-name-will-it-be-next going to spout now that Adrian Oliver has joined the long list of people who have forced "Mr. I Will Say Anything For Attention" to taste his own shoe leather yet again? Oh, it will probably be a George Bush-like 180 double tuck twist rotation reversal along the lines of "Remember, I told you how good Oliver was going to be!" Yes, 'out there' indeed.

Let's see what happens tonight against USF, with the Dons presenting quite the different matchup. If San Francisco brings its 'A' game, then it will certainly be a tussle as they have already beaten WAC members Hawaii and Boise State on the road.

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