Thursday, December 4, 2008

More SJSU, SCU and John Bryant stats from last night

We thought the score of last night's game would be both teams situated around 60 points so, lo and behold, the final was 59-56. No, we are not heading to Vegas anytime soon.

One thing we tried to do last night was track each of John Bryant's shots. We're not sure why or how we even came up with the idea but it was probably based upon thinking his play would be a predominant factor in the game.

So if you are interested:

Shot 1 - Bryant missed a chippy left-handed two-footer

Shot 2 - He nailed an almost baseline seven-footer from the right side

Shot 3 - He missed on a tip attempt of a teammates' shot

Shot 4 - He scored on a layup off a pass from the corner

Shot 5 - He caught a pass on the left side, turned and scored on a seven-footer

Shot 6 - He missed on another chip shot but was fouled and made 2-3 free throws, the third attempts due to a lane violation

Shot 7 - He scored on a layup, coming off a screen on the right side

Bryant had 10 points at halftime.

Shot 8 - He was fouled on a shot and made both free throws

Shot 9 - He missed an eight-footer from the right side

Shot 10 - He missed a sort of jump hook eight feet out on the right side

Shot 11 - He missed on a layup attempt but was fouled and made both free throws

Shot 12 - He missed another jump hook seven feet out on the right side

Shot 13 - He turned to face the basket and nailed a 10-footer from the right side

Shot 14 - He missed an eight-foot shot from the right side

Shot 15 - Bryant scored on a left side, 10-footer

Shot 16 - Bryant scored on a tip-in of a teammates missed foul shot

Bryant finished with 20 points.

The official stats have Bryant taking 15 shots so we're unsure about the discrepancy with our 16. Not to take anything away from the most dominant performer of last night but Bryant shot 7-15 and committed six turnovers despite his height and weight. advantage. But to his credit, he did nab 21 rebounds and altered many a Spartan shot attempt, leading to 20-61 shooting for SJSU.

For the game, the Broncos were credited with eight blocked shots, most of which we somehow missed other than those by Bryant.

More on Bryant: playing against him is like the bumper cars over at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk except that he is the bumper and anyone else the 'bumpee' regardless of who initiates the contact.

We also wanted to make note of an unusual Justin Graham three-point play. Graham scored on a dribble-drive layup on the right side and then immediately pressured the Santa Clara inbound pass attempt, stealing it and feeding DeVonte Thomas who was fouled and eventually nailed one of two free throws.

The turnover ratio certainly favored the Spartans last night, with 10 for San Jose State and 19 for Santa Clara.

Other key numbers, with a pair just about even as the score indicated:

Points in the paint: SC 28, SJSU 26

Points off turnovers: SC 13, SJSU 14

But these are telling:

Bench points: SC 22, SJSU 8

Last field goal: SC 00:07, SJSU 05:47.

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