Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is embarrassing and unprofessional

No we are not talking about the added letter we inadvertently typed and then overlooked in our SJSU-NC game writeup that should have read: "Oliver must have coated himself with Rustoleum during his time off because any rustiness was pretty difficult to discern..." 'Coasted' was what we had and pretty much destroyed the meaning. Sheepish apology offered.

Actually, here IS what we are talking about:

It was Adrian Oliver's San Jose State debut yesterday afternoon, the highest rated player currently on any Santa Clara County college team's roster.

And the Mercury News (yes, the powers-that-be no longer desire to have San Jose affixed to the newspaper) had nobody covering the game. Nobody.

Worse that that, the game writeup in the Mercury News is by The Associated Press. And to find this, we had to do a search on the MN site using "Adrian Oliver" because there is no article to be found under the San Jose State sports heading.

But to his credit, Jon Wilner did a Friday preview of local college backetball action this weekend on his blog.

We came across this the other day, a quite telling admission: “My philosophy on pretty much everything these days is born of pure necessity,” said Bud Geracie, the acting sports editor[of the Mercury News]. “There’s no grand plan; it’s how we get through today.”

This is not to blast the reporters doing the best they can and just trying to hold on there. No, our target is much, much larger -- both the system and the mindset that all is but a commodity that must yield the highest payoff to investors.

Just how is such a philosophy of life/way of living community building, considering all the lipservice and handwringing given to such? Especially in newspaper editorials.

It's simply a shortsightedness and a selfishness that is dooming too many of our fabric-of-society elements and unfortunately for so many of us playing out everyday throughout our country because of what takes place -- and sometimes what doesn't take place -- in parts of Washington D.C. and New York City.

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