Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A WAC look at some non-WAC numbers

We haven't put a heavy focus on statistics -- other than some specific wins and losses -- to this point because of the number of lower division teams that have been on the schedules of the WAC teams.

But now is the time to begin paying attention, especially with league games not too far off.

It's hard to characterize what will happen in conference action vis-a-vis statistics as some teams will gel and some players will continue with their improvement (and their stats will show this) while some squads and players won't. Each member plays twice against the other, thus coaching staffs better know their opponents and this familiarity allows the attempts to implement what works best offensively and defensively against each other.

The bottomline: the WAC players at the higher levels and those on the rise should either continue or better their respective stats to date and vice versa.

Note the rankings of Tim Pierce, Chris Oakes (twice), Justin Graham (twice) and DaShawn Wright.

A look at the WAC leaders and early surprises
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal

Western Athletic Conference play is about three we
eks away, but here's a look at the conference leaders:

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